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The Sintra / Oslo model outdoor terrace and patio heater, with its artificial logs, will give the touch of a traditional fireplace to your terrace.


It is the most experienced stove of the brand, and the best known. The Premium Fire Sintra / Oslo has artificial logs inside, which will give it a touch of a traditional fireplace, perfect for attracting customers to your terrace. It also has a rounded roof, so that no one puts their drinks on it, which is quite common in the hotel industry. Gas cylinder hidden in the stove. There are 2 variants, one with three faces with the back closed, recommended if it is to be placed against a wall for example, and with 4 faces, to see the flames from any angle.

Premium Fire Sintra Oslo 4

€799.00 Regular Price
€719.10Sale Price
  • The price shown includes the 21% of IVA.

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