Premium fire Faro Gas Fireplace 

The Premium fire Faro garden fireplace is a stylish gas fireplace, in which the gas cylinder can be stowed away in a storage compartment at the bottom of the fireplace. A luxurious appearance is combined with unprecedented comfort! Are you looking for an attractive patio heater to enjoy some drinks around a fire with friends? Then the Premium fire Faro might be the comfortable gas fireplace you are looking for!


Stylish gas fireplace with great comfort

The Premium fire Faro is a comfortable garden fireplace, equipped with a built-in gas fireplace. The burner (6,5 kw) of this fireplace is nicely camouflaged by the included lava stones, making the fire look like a real burning fireplace. The fire is visible on four sides and is enclosed by tempered glass, so that safety is also guaranteed when, for example, children are around.


To sum it up: enjoy lovely summer evenings with this attractive Premium fire fireplace. The Faro definitely creates ambience and ensures a pleasant heat!  With this garden fireplace comfortable lounging is guaranteed! 

The Premium fire Faro gas fireplace comes standard with

- Lava stones                                                                 
- Please note: A gas pressure regulator is NOT included


The Premium fire Paris gas fireplace in short: 

- Luxury outdoor fireplace on gas                                                       
- Stylish tall model
- Propane and Butane
- Gas cylinder can be stored at the bottom of the fire!
- Attractive, comfortable and easy-to-use gas fireplace
- Also very suitable for restaurant patios



€495.05 Regular Price
€445.55Sale Price
  • Brand Premium fire
    Model Faro outdoor fireplace (gas)
    Color Black
    Material Steel
    Dimensions H 114 x B 40 x L 40 cm
    Included See description
    Housing 4  windows
    Capacity 6,5 kW
    Consumption 0.4 Kg per hour (full power). Burns approx. 30 hours p/bottle
    Type of terrace heater Standing terrace heater
    Type of heating Propane or butane
    Form Square