Muztag Estepona Square Fire Table (White)

Now that we’re increasingly focused on outdoor living, outdoor fireplaces have truly become an indispensable part of our gardens. And if you’d really like something special, then the stylish Muztag Table is probably exactly what you’re looking for!

This Muztag Estepona fire table is made of steel. It’s like having a heavy robust table with a gas fireplace in your garden. In reality, it only weighs 45 kg. An additional plus is that steel can withstand extreme heat and cold. The fireplace can stay outside year-round without problems.

Fire tables that use gas are very user-friendly and pleasing to the eye

The fire table is equipped with a 7,3 kW stainless steel burner that is nicely camouflaged by the included lava stones.

Lighting the fireplace is very easy with the electronic ignition with thermocouple. In addition, you can determine the height of the flame yourself by using the control dial, which is incorporated in a practical control panel, together with the ignition button.

The Muztag Table should be connected to propane/butane gas.

The Muztag Estepona square fire table is also available in: black

The Muztag table comes with:

- Lava stones 
- PVC protection cover (black)
- CE-approved rubber gas hose 
- Gas pressure regulator 30 mBar


SKU: 0008
€681.82 Regular Price
€613.64Sale Price
  • Brand Muztag
    Model Estepona Fire table square (white)
    Color Black
    Material Steel
    Dimensions 87 x 87 x 66 cm
    Included See description
    Capacity 7,3 kW
    Ignition Electronic ignition with thermocouple, safety design and CE-approval.
    Weight 45 kg
    Burner Stainless steel, 7,3 kW
    Control-Panel Stainless steel with black bakelite control switch
    Form Square large





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