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Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Updated: May 14, 2020

A gas-fired outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who are looking for the atmosphere and cosiness of a real fire, but don't have room for a chimney or, for example, don't want to lug around logs. For everyone who is looking for comfort and just nice and easy, with a turn of the knob the gas fire just wants to turn on...

These gas fireplaces often burn on propane or butane gas. The gas bottles of 6 to 13 Kg can be bought at a garden centre or petrol station. And if the bottle is empty, just change the gas bottle there for a full one.

The gas bottle can be stored at the bottom of the fireplace and the big advantage of this is that you are very flexible and the mobile fireplace can be placed anywhere. First at the garden table and later, for example, at your lounge set. The most popular models of these mobile gas fires are the Muztag Mallorca and the Premium fire Sintra.

Would you like to buy a garden fireplace or fire table?

For a cheap patio fire, a garden fire or a gas table fire, is always at the right place! The range of outdoor fireplaces is wide and varied and the great thing is that you can order your patio fire online. You do not have to go out the door and get the garden fire for free home delivery! What more could you want?

Because we have all the patio fireplaces in stock, we can deliver quickly if ordered before 17.00h. If you prefer to have a look at the patio fireplace first, then you are most welcome in our showroom. The coffee is ready for you!

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