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How to create an attractive terrace with outdoor gas fire places

Updated: May 7, 2020

Sitting outside, cooking outside, living outside.... Welcoming spring on your terrace can be a bit painful at first. Daytime warmth, light and conviviality. Hello cold evenings and... Cosiness! During this period you can make your terrace attractive with the right accessories. Outdoor fires that run on gas are one of them. The luxurious appearance of these outdoor fires provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for this season. In this blog we introduce our three favorite outdoor gas fires for the spring of 2020. An outdoor gas fire on wheels For a somewhat larger terrace, one outdoor fireplace can be just enough, but sometimes just not enough. Then it is useful if you can move the fireplace to all the corners and places you have. The Muztag Ibiza is ideal for this. This fireplace has a built-in gas fire, which makes it safe to move anywhere in addition to its sleek appearance. The burner is located under the supplied lava stones that the fire creates and maintains. This makes it look as if the fire is real

fire , which creates a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. But this is a secret trick your guests don't need to know, right?

A luxury Fire table on gas If you want to focus on your outdoor gas fire, this one is the right one for you: Muztag Cadiz Fire table. This fire is made of steel, which gives a natural black colour when the fire itself stands on the terrace. Does your terrace have a sleek and luxurious appearance? So this outdoor gas fire table can fulfill more than just one terrace wish.

Which gas-fired outdoor fireplace suits you? We are happy to help you with this question. You can feel free to take a look at our webshop for our range of outdoor gas fires. For questions you can contact us. Do you want to see the gas fires in real life? Then you are most welcome at our showroom. We will gladly show you around while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. See you soon! _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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